School Closings

NEW FOR 2015-2016!!


As you are aware, during the winter months, morning road conditions may cause school delays. When this occurs, beginning with the 2015-2016 school year a three-hour delayed opening has been added as an additional option. The Superintendent of Schools will make the decision to call a two-hour, a three-hour or cancellation of school for the day. Options are as follows:

  • Two-hour delayed opening— All schools open two (2) hours later than the regular time.

  • Three-hour delayed opening—All schools open three (3) hours later than the regular time.

  • Should the weather worsen as the morning progresses, school may be canceled for the day.

Parents/guardians will be notified of school delays and cancelations by our automated calling system.  Calls may begin as early as 5:30 a.m.  In addition, announcements will be posted on the District website, Facebook page, Twitter account and mobile app, as well as local radio and television stations (see below). A message will be recorded on the District Office and school building phone lines.

Radio stations:
WHUD (100.7 FM; 1420 AM)
WSPK/WBNR (104.7 FM; 1260 AM)
WXPK The Peak (107.1 FM)
WBPM (92.9 FM)
WPDH/WPDA (101.5 and 106.1 FM)
WRRV/WRRB (92.7 FM and 96.9 FM)
WCZX (97.7 FM)
WZAB (97.3 FM)
WKXP (94.3 FM)
WRRV (96.9 FM)
WBPM (92.9 FM)
K104.7 FM
Fox Radio (96.7 FM, 103.1 FM)
WGNY (98.9 FM)
Drive FX (95.7, 94.1 FM)

Spanish:  La Buena 92.7 FM

Fox 5, Ch. 5
WWOR, Ch. 9
WABC, Ch. 7
WRNN, Ch. 12
WNBC, Ch. 4

Telephone Each school building and the District Office will have a recorded message.

  • Kent Primary 845 225-5025 
  • Kent Elementary 845 225-5029 
  • Mathew Paterson 845 878-3211 
  • George Fischer Middle 845 228-2300 
  • Carmel High School 845 225-8441
  • District Office 845 878-2094
  • Transportation Hotline 845 225-1637
Created on 8/30/2009 - Last updated on 12/15/2015