Mr. Pat Payne
Supervisor of Transportation

The Carmel Central School District maintains and operates a fleet of 108 buses, which includes 66 passenger buses, 30 passenger buses, various sized vehicles including vans and passenger wheelchair buses. Each year, the fleet logs more than 1,300,000 miles. For the 2015-2016 school year, the district will transport children to over 31 different instructional facilities daily. This includes local public schools as well as BOCES or nonpublic programs. State law requires that districts transport students to nonpublic schools which are a maximum of 15 miles from their residence. Transportation is vital the operation of the school district. Over 4,700 public and non-public school students are transported daily to and from school. The Board of Education policy on transportation states that 'it shall be provided to resident students who live at least 0.7 miles from the school they attend or 0.7 miles from a regular bus stop, to a maximum of 15 miles.

Where do you go with a transportation question or concern?

Concerns or questions regarding your child’s transportation experience should be directed first to the Supervisor of Transportation, Mr. Pat Payne (845 225-3200).  If more information is needed or you still have questions and/or concerns, you may want to contact the Assistant Superintendent for Business, Mr. Eric Stark (845 878-2094, ext. 215).

If you feel your questions and/or concerns have not been adequately addressed at the preceding levels, the next step would be to attend a meeting of the Board of Education’s Facilities and Transportation Committee.  Committee meetings are held on the first Tuesday of the month prior to regular Board of Education meetings.  Please consult the online school calendar for actually dates, times, and locations.

Safety is Our First Priority
Because your child's safety is our business, it is essential that students behave appropriately while riding the school bus. Any student whose conduct is unacceptable may be suspended from school transportation. Under New York State education law, if a child is permanently suspended from school transportation, it becomes the parent or guardian's responsibility to transport the child to and from school.