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Why are roofs replacements included in this project?

As in our homes, roofs last only so long.  Roofs or sections of school building roofs that have reached the end of their useful life have been included in this proposal. Entire roof replacement is proposed for MPES and KPS, while only sections of KES, GFMS and CHS will be replaced. These repairs will need to be done in the near future, whether the capital project referendum is approved by voters or not. Should the project not receive voter approval the District will have to consider other alternatives such as putting the cost of repairs into the annual operating budget. Because we operate under the NYS tax levy cap legislation, placing repairs such as these in the operating budget would mean that other tiems, such as programs for students, would have to be eliminated or severely reduced.

Total:  $14,958,135


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What will be replaced?

KES--Replace roofs at B & C wings  (the flat roof at the front of the building and 2010 edition are in good condition and will not be replaced) -- $1,571,170

KPS--Replace entire roof -- $1,988.050

MPES--Replace entire roof -- $2,593,110

GFMS--Replace all but 2006 addition -- $4,676,100

CHS--Replace roof at 1963 wing, 1929 wing, 1936 wing, 1980 wing, library and repoint south parapet at 1929 wing --$4,129,705

Proposed roof replacements are shown in blue