Budgets & Audits

Annual Budget Vote & Board Member Election 

YES:  3109
NO:  2741

Collazo:  1447
DeTurris:  1685
Heitman-Cayea:  2262
Morello:  2713
Perrault:  881
Purdy: 1057
Seats won by Morello & Heitman-Cayea


Budget, Audits & Tax Collectors Notices

Privacy Concerns over the Casting of Absentee Ballots

Education Law provides that an envelope containing a returned absentee ballot is not to be opened until a determination is made that there is no reason for rejecting the ballot, which could happen if, for example, the voter fails to provide the signature required by law to appear on the envelope containing the ballot.  Once such a determination is made and the envelope opened, the ballot is withdrawn without unfolding and deposited into the proper ballot box.  Absentee ballots must remain folded until they are actually counted. As a result, at the time of counting, the ballots will not be linked to the envelope in which they were returned and the voter’s privacy is ensured.  This is the same process that has always been used to count absentee ballots at school district elections and votes.

Voter Registration


CHECK TO SEE IF YOU ARE REGISTERED (NOTE: Birth Date must be in the format in this example:  January 1, 2000)

To vote, you must be registered. To be eligible to register, you must be at least 18 years old, a U.S. citizen, and a resident of the District for 30 days. If you are registered with the county Board of Elections or have voted in a school election in the last four years, you are already registered.

You may register with the county Board of Elections by mail or remotely through the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles website at:


To check your registration status, contact Susan Dieck, District Clerk at 845 878-2094, ext. 202 or sdieck@carmelschools.org.

Board of Education Candidate Information

  • Once elected, all school board members must complete twelve hours of mandated training within the first year of service: six hours on school board governance and six hours on fiscal oversight.
  • For more information visit "Running for the School Board," published by the New York State School Board Association.