Testing & Contact Tracing- What Parents Should Know

COVID-19 Testing

Carmel Central School District is not required to conduct testing at this time.  We have a standing relationship with the Putnam County Department of Health and in the event that testing is required, we will defer to the Putnam county DOH for any required or relevant information.  This information will be disseminated through our communications platform.

​Testing is readily available in our community. Students, staff or visitors requiring COVID-19 testing should contact their health provider, a local urgent care, federally qualified health center or visit the NYSDOH website to locate a nearby testing facility https://coronavirus.health.ny.gov/find-test-site-near-you.

Contact Tracing

Carmel Central School District will notify the state and local health department immediately upon being informed of any positive COVID-19 diagnostic test result by an individual within school facilities or on school grounds, including students, faculty, staff, and visitors of the district

To assist the local health department with tracing the transmission of COVID-19, Carmel Central School District has developed and maintained a plan to trace all contacts of exposed individuals in accordance with protocols, training, and tools provided through the New York State Contact Tracing Program.

Districts may assist with contact tracing by:

  • Keeping accurate attendance records of students and staff members
  • Ensuring student schedules are up to date
  • Keeping a visitor log that includes date and time​ address and phone number, and where in the school they visited
  • Assisting the local health departments in tracing all contacts of the individual in accordance with the protocol, training, and tools provided through the NYS Contact Tracing Program
  • Informing local health department of staff member testing positive regardless of county of residence.
  • For all contact tracing, the DOH will require the name, address, and phone number as well as the name and phone number of the guardian of a student.

If/when COVID-19 cases are discovered, in consultation with the local health department, Carmel Central School District will do the following:

  • Close or quarantine locations of potential exposure for 24 hours, if possible
  • Clean and disinfect locations as necessary
  • Provide DOH with information as required

Confidentiality must be maintained as required by federal and state laws and regulations. Staff should not try to determine who is to be excluded without guidance and direction from the local health department.

For more information about how COVID-19 containment efforts will be communicated to students, families and staff members, visit the Communication/Family and Community Engagement section of our reopening plan.