Grab N Go Meal Distribution

School Meal Distribution


September 2020

Dear Parents/Guardians:

The USDA, New York State Child Nutrition, and the Carmel Central School District will serve breakfast and lunch meals to all students enrolled in Carmel High School, George Fischer Middle School, Kent Elementary School, Kent Primary School and Matthew Paterson Elementary School at NO COST to families, beginning on September 29, 2020 and through the entire 2020-2021 school year.   This provides much needed financial relief for families as we continue our re-entry to the 2020-2021 school year.

Please note that this applies only to breakfast and lunch meals, and does not include snacks or "a la carte" items.

To request Grab N Go Meals, please complete this form. One form should be submitted for each child requesting meals. To learn more, read the information below.


Patrick Rodia
Director of Food Services

Free Meals available to all K-12 Students through June 30, 2021, through USDA Grant

The USDA, New York State Child Nutrition, and the Carmel Central School District will be offering free breakfast and lunch meals to all students regardless of meal eligibility enrolled in Carmel High School, George Fischer Middle School, Kent Elementary School, Kent Primary School, and Matthew Paterson Elementary School.  The New York State Education Department (SED) has elected the use of the Nationwide waiver flexibilities provided by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) to allow free meals to continue to be available to all children throughout the entire 2020-2021 school year.   Starting September 29, 2020, this extension is only available to students enrolled, whether hybrid or remote.  This extension does not include children in preschool or Head Start.  

Parents of enrolled students will be able to pick up grab and go meals for the days that their students are not in school. The number of meals available for pick up will depend on the number of school days in the week and the model for learning. Parents of students in an all-remote learning model or hybrid learning model will need to complete the online breakfast and lunch Grab N Go Meal Request Form and provide their student’s name, grade, school, and learning model. Only one form is required per student.   Families only need to complete the form once  to be included in the weekly distribution.  As soon as the form is submitted,  families can attend the next scheduled school meal distribution.  If you are signing up the morning of a scheduled meal distribution, you may be asked to complete paperwork at the meal distribution site.  The link to this form and other information can be found at:

The school meal distribution schedule will be updated regularly. The distribution schedule can be found on the homepage of the school district’s website, the Food Service website, and The Carmel Schoolhouse eNews published on Fridays.   Weekly distribution will take place in the rear parking lot at George Fischer Middle School.  Parents will need to provide their student’s name and school to the staff at the distribution site and inform the staff if their child has allergies.  COVID-19 mandates must be followed on school grounds, which includes wearing masks and not wandering/loitering on school grounds.  This extension is in effect until June 30, 2021.  We will still be accepting free and reduced applications during this time. Please continue to submit these applications.  

If you need to cancel your weekly order, please email and provide us with your student’s name and school.  Please cancel your order by 3 p.m. the previous day to help us control food waste. 

Snacks or a la carte sales are not included in this program.  Therefore, when students attend school in person, their cafeteria accounts require funds for snack purchases.  To help ensure the safety of all of our students and staff, we ask that parents consider funding their student’s meal account online with MySchoolBucks at  This will help minimize the amount of cash/check deposits that need to be handled throughout the day, which allows us to focus on serving meals as fast and efficiently as possible.  In addition, parents can add funds to student’s accounts by check, payable to CCSD Cafeteria Account, and mail their check to CCSD, Food Services Department, 81 South Street, P.O. Box 296, Patterson, NY, 12563.   

We hope you enjoy your meals!  All foods requiring refrigeration should be stored immediately in a refrigerator or freezer until ready to heat and consume.  

Free Meals FAQs

  1. Why is USDA offering free meals at this time? When Covid-19 shut down schools in March, there was a stimulus package made available that all children could get free meals until the 2019-2020 school year ended. The USDA had remaining funds available to offer free meals until June 30, 2021, or until funds run out.
  2. Will my children receive free meals even though my children are on reduced or paid status now? Yes, every student that is enrolled in schools will receive free meals.
  3. If my child brings home lunch and wants milk, will they be charged? Yes, they will be charged. The free meals apply to a full meal that is served from school.
  4. Why does my student have a balance on their account when they aren’t being charged for meals? Prior to the September 29th, 2020 free meals offering, meals were charged accordingly. Please keep your students account current, as this offering will only last until June 30, 2021, or until USDA funds run out.
  5. How long will this last? Until June 30, 2021, or until funds run out.
  6. Do I still need to fill out an application for free and reduced for this year? Yes, please continue to fill out free and reduced applications, as this will insure that students are certified for free or reduced meals in the event that the federal funds run out.
  7. Do I need to pay any outstanding balance in my student’s account? Yes, please keep the accounts current, this free offering will only last until June 30, 2021, or until funds run out.
  8. Does this apply for breakfast also? Yes it is free for Breakfast and Lunch.  

Please contact the Food Service Department if you have additional questions at or 845- 878- 2094 ext. 255