Social Emotional Well-Being

What Families Can Expect

The school closures due to the pandemic have had a significant impact on the social emotional needs of students. Now, more than ever, we must be ready to address these needs and ensure the well-being of our students.

  • Parent survey to be administered prior to school reopening
  • A student specific screening will then be administered to those students whom parents have identified as in need of more support
  • Student specific support will be provided in numerous ways
  • Each school will implement a “mindful moment” program
  • The District will also work in partnership with Putnam County agencies to provide families with the necessary referrals and contact information for home support

Who to Contact

Carmel High School 
Dr. Karin Brenner
845 225-8441, ext. 446

George Fischer Middle School
Brittany Kiechle
845 228-2300, ext. 519

Kent Primary School
Angela Sarita
845 225-5025, ext. 348

Kent Elementary School
Kirsten Carillo
845 225-5029, ext. 312

Matthew Paterson Elementary School
Dana Russo,
845 878-3211, ext. 278