Support Services

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What Parents Can Expect

  • Special Education Services will continue to be offered consistent with the federal, state and local guidelines that are intended to protect the health and safety of both students and service providers 
  • Collaboration between CSEs/CPSEs and program providers will be on-going, to ensure that there is an understanding of the provision of services consistent with the recommendations on IEPs, plans for monitoring and communicating student progress, and commitment to sharing resources
  • The District will make every effort to conduct evaluations in-person, within the mandatory time constraints, as the health and safety of students and staff permits.
  • Students who are English as a New Language Learners must be afforded the opportunity for full and equal participation whether it be through an in-person, remote, or hybrid model of instruction

Who to Contact

Joseph Simoni, Assistant Superintendent for PPS & Technology
845 878-2094, ext. 245

Ed LoPresti,CSE Chairperson
845 878-2094, ext. 245

Gina Riggione,CPSE/CSE Chairperson
845 878-2094, ext. 243