Health & Safety

What Parents Can Expect face mask

1. Visitors 

No outside visitors or volunteers will be allowed on school campuses, except for in the case of emergency or school drop off/pick up. Parents/guardians will report to the front office and not go beyond unless it is for the safety or well-being of their child. Essential visitors to facilities and parent/guardian visitors will be required to wear face coverings and will have restricted access to our school buildings.

2. Social Distancing

Students will be grouped by cohort whenever feasible. The same group of students will stay within the classroom throughout the day with the same teacher, and will not mix with students from other classes. 

3. Face Masks

Wearing masks will be mandatory to reduce risk reduction. Employees, students, visitors and contractors are required to wear a face mask or other approved face covering that covers their mouth and nose while on District grounds, with limited exception approved prior by District administration.

4. Daily Health Screenings

All employees will be required to complete daily self-reporting by completing an online Pre-Entry Screening Form to verify if they are symptom-free and have not had recent exposure to someone with COVID-19

Parents and Guardians will be required to conduct a daily screening of their children at home, before their children leave for school. This includes temperature taking and monitoring for COVID-19 symptoms. In addition, acknowledging and recent exposure to someone diagnosed with COVID-19, and recent travel from states designated as “hot spots” as determined by the CDC.  If any statements on the screening checklist are true, the family must keep the student at home and contact the student’s healthcare provider.

5. COVID-19 Symptoms While in School

Students suspected of having COVID-19 awaiting transport home by the parent/guardian will be isolated in a room or area separate from others, with a supervising adult present utilizing appropriate PPE. The parent or guardian will be instructed to call their health care provider, and to pick up their child immediately.  

6. Return to School after Illness

The Carmel Central School District has established protocols and procedures, in consultation with the local health department(s), about the requirements for determining when individuals, particularly students, who screened positive for COVID-19 symptoms can return to the in-person learning environment at school.

7. Closure Considerations

The District will assist the Department of Health with contact tracing and notification to those who may have been exposed to individuals who test positive for the virus. Dependent on the situation and in consultation with the Department of Health, the District may elect to shift from in-person instruction to a remote learning model on a class-by-class, school-by-school, or district-wide basis.

Who to Contact

COVID Coordinators