What Do the Chicks Say?

Pío, pío, pío, in Español, of course!

With arms flapping, seventh grade students in Felicia DiLeo and Cynthia Tully’s Spanish classes at George Fischer Middle School cheeped along with los pollitos, the chicks, during a recent sing-along in class.

“We are using a series from Somos which helps students acquire second language acquisition through comprehensible input,” said DiLeo. “We use tons of songs, stories, and contextual situations to help embed language skills.”

DiLeo and Tully chose the song “Los Pollitos Dicen,” or “The Chicks Say,” for the class because it provided a significant amount of valuable vocabulary in Spanish for students, and it is a catchy tune!

The lesson was the perfect opportunity for the students to practice their communication skills while embracing diversity – examples of two of the Districts 6C values: Communication and Citizenship.

“The students love it and enjoy singing while learning,” DiLeo added. “It is all about having fun while learning!”