Kindergarten Students Spread Drops of Kindness

How full is your kindness bucket? In Kelly Tierney and Celeste Pregno’s kindergarten class at Kent Primary School, kindness was overflowing as the class celebrated World Kindness Day.

Student poses with their kindness crownAs part of their Kindness Day lesson, the class read the book How Full is Your Bucket? a story of a boy who learns a valuable lesson about being kind to others. The story had students imagine that we each have an invisible bucket. Our bucket fills with drops of kindness when we are kind to someone, or someone is kind to us. Every interaction with someone during the day can empty or fill our bucket.

When our bucket is full, we feel great. When our bucket is empty, we feel awful.

“I love when I get to do something nice for someone else,” Ms. Tierney told the class. “It makes me feel good and it makes the other person feel good as well.”

She reminded the students that they can show kindness with words and actions, and asked them to think of something kind that they could tell a friend in class.

“You can have my toys if you want,” said student Kai Philips.

“Do you want to play with my pop-it?” posed student Madeline Cerone.

“Saying thank you,” added student Jackson Ercole.

“Do you want me to help you with your bike?” asked student Daniel Impieri.

The entire class poses with their kindness crowns

As the students answered, Ms. Tierney awarded them a drop in their invisible buckets.

Student Grayson Drumm’s answer was one that awarded several drops in his bucket: “Saying I like the way everyone does something.”

Ms. Tierney also asked students Isabelle Lopez and Sal Maida to recall an interaction between them earlier that day. When Isabelle won Student of the Week, Sal said “Good job, Isabelle. I am so proud of you.” Sal's kindness made Isabel feel happy and was a big drop in both of their buckets.

By the end of the lesson, drops of kindness flooded the room and everyone’s invisible bucket was filled to the brim!