Student Registration

As a public school system, the Carmel schools welcome all students who live within the boundaries of the Carmel Central School District and meet state age and health requirements.  Students moving into the district during the summer should call their school to register before the start of the school year.  Students who move into the district during the school year should make an appointment to enroll.  A student is required to attend school in the attendance zone in which the family resides.

The natural parent, legal guardian or other person having legal control under a court order must enroll a student.  Any person who is not the natural parent or is not designated guardian of the child by a court order must register with the office of Pupil Services prior to enrolling the student.  The person enrolling the student must present their driver's license or department of transportation identification card at the time of registration.

If a family has not yet moved into the school district but is building or purchasing a home within the district boundaries, a Certification of Eligibility Form must be completed and the contract for purchase must be submitted to the office of Pupil Services prior to enrolling.

As part of the process of registering a child in the Carmel Central School District, you are being asked to provide information that will allow the district to verify that this child is legally entitled to an education in Carmel.  The education of each child in our school is a responsibility we take seriously.  Each one requires space, staff time, supplies that are expressly borne by the district.  We hope that you will understand the obligation we have to our taxpayers to be sure that we are educating only those children who have a right to that education.

The law assumes that a child resides with his/her parents.  If the claim is made that child's residence is with someone other than the child's parent or legal guardian, it will be necessary to obtain additional information to establish that child's residence in the district.


  • Two current proofs of residence in the Carmel Central School District dated within the last 60 days and documentation regarding the age of the child you are registering. (Kindergarten students must be 5 years-of-age on or before December 1 of the year they are starting kindergarten). See the list below for acceptable documentation.
  • Current immunization records of the child you are registering, signed by a physician.
  • Proof of guardianship or custody, when appropriate.
  • Report card or unofficial transcript from their previous school (if transferring from another district.
  • Completed Carmel Central School District Registration Form (found below).

NOTE:  In addition to the general registration form contact the school your child will attend for additional forms

List of Acceptable Documentation of Residency and Student Eligibility

Acceptable Documentation of Residency

  • A residential lease, mortgage, or deed
  • A statement from a landlord concerning your tenancy
  • A statement from a third party that establishes your presence in the Carmel Central School District
  • Affidavit of Residency: Choose one of these 3 forms:  

You may also submit any other relevant evidence you wish to, including but not limited to the following types of documentation:

  1. pay stub
  2. income tax form
  3. utility or other bills
  4. membership documents (e.g., library cards) based upon residency
  5. voter registration document(s)
  6. official driver's license, learner's permit or non-driver identification
  7. state or other government issued identification
  8. documents issued by federal, state or local agencies (e.g., local social service agency, federal Office of Refugee Resettlement); or
  9. evidence of custody of the child in question, including but not limited to judicial custody or order of guardianship documentation

Student Eligibility (Age Determination)
You must submit an original or certificate transcription of your child's birth certificate or your child's passport (regardless of issuing nation). In the absence of these, you may provide any other documentation that has been in existence for over two (2) years that could be used to establish your child's age. For example:

  • Official driver's license
  • state or other government issued identification
  • school photo identification with date of birth
  • consulate identification cards
  • hospital or health records
  • documents issued by federal, state or local agencies (e.g., local service agency, federal Office of Refugee Resettlement)
  • court orders or other court-issued documents
  • Native American tribal document or
  • records from non-profit international aid agencies and voluntary agencies.