Central Office Administrators
Administrative Office 81 South St., P.O. Box 296 Patterson, NY 12563
(845) 878-2094

  Name Ext. E-mail


Mr. Andy Irvin
Superintendent of Schools
201 airvin@carmelschools.org



Ms. Susan Barker
Executive Assistant to the Superintendent of Schools
201 sbarker@carmelschools.org



Ms. Janet Warden
Assistant Superintendent for Instruction & Personnel
241 jwarden@carmelschools.org


Ms. Lynn Minieri
Assistant to Mr. Irvin
241 lminieri@carmelschools.org


Mr. Eric Stark
Assistant Supt. for Business
215 estark@carmelschools.org
  Petterson  Ines Petterson
Assistant to Mr. Stark
215 ipetters@carmelschools.org

 Chambers Szafranski 

Ms. Christine Chambers Szafranski
Director of Pupil Services
246 cchamber@carmelschools.org


Ms. Bonnie Hart
CPSE/CSE Chairperson
244 bhart2@carmelschools.org


Mr. Louis Valesey
CSE Chairperson
249 lvalesey@carmelschools.org
  Mr. Patrick Rodia
Director of Food Services
255 prodia@carmelschools.org

  Meredith Dutra

Ms. Meredith Dutra

STEM Coordinator

237 mdutra@carmelschools.org


Ms. Vineetha Joy
Chief Information Officer
216 vjoy@carmelschools.org


Mr. Scott Clark
Coordinator of Technical Support
238 sclark@carmelschools.org


Mr. John Weise
Director of Facilities, Operations & Transportation
251 jweise@carmelschools.org


 Mr. Pat Payne
Supervisor of Transportation


Ms. Susan Dieck, APR
Public Information Officer/District Clerk
202 sdieck@carmelschools.org