Home Access/Family App

Home Access Center (HAC) is an online portal designed to link information between teachers, parents, students and school administrators. It provides you access to relevant educational information pertaining to your child and their progress at any time!

Some of the information available in Home Access Center:

  • Student Registration Information
  • Emergency Medical Information
  • Parent/Guardian/Emergency contact Information
  • Class and Teacher Information
  • Attendance Information
  • Transportation Information
  • Interim Progress Reports, Report Cards and Teacher Comments
  • Student Transcript Information (High School)
  • Ability to email teachers

Log in to Home Access Center

If you do not have a Home Access Center account, are having trouble logging in, or unable to see all of your students in the portal, please submit a Help Desk ticket

Download eSchoolPlus Family App for Home Access on your mobile device: 

 Download eSchoolPlus Family app from the App Store.  Download eSchoolPlus Family App from Google Play store. Download eSchoolPlus Family App from Amazon app store.