Superintendent Search

The Board of Education contracted with Strategic Educational Advantage LLC (SEA) to assist us in the search for our next Superintendent of Schools.

SEA has created a Draft Survey to help us gather information from the entire community regarding the desired characteristics they would like to see in the next Superintendent.

Before we send that survey out, however, we wanted to know what you think.

Thank you sending in your ideas and helping us start the Superintendent search. A culture of unity is what makes a community.  


Sample Survey Questions

Rate the qualities of the optimal candidate based on importance on scale of 5-1 (5 = Most Important / 1 = Least Important).

  1. Choose the group that best describes your relationship to the school district.
    • Parent
    • Community Member
    • Administrator
    • Teacher 
    • Support Staff
  2. Has experience as a school district superintendent.
  3. An advocate for social/emotional learning and wellness for students and staff.
  4. Has experience with implementing or managing a school district with specialized educational programs such a Career and Tech Education, Gifted and Talented, and Special Education.
  5. Demonstrates expertise in and up-to-date knowledge of effective curriculum and instructional practices.
  6. Able to effectively and soundly manage the district budget in ways that serve every student.
  7. Understands the connections among district finances and budgets, strategic plans, and academic goals.
  8. Has a clear vision of what is needed to provide exemplary education to all students
  9. Possessed strong skills in recruiting, hiring, and retraining effective district and school personnel.
  10. Able to maintain a positive and productive relationship with the Board of Education and encourage their development through school board workshops and webinars.
  11. Encourage growth, achievement, and excellence for every student regardless of the characteristics of how they identify including socio-economic status, race, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation or gender identity.
  12. Actively engages and effectively listens to and addresses the concerns of students, staff, parents, and community members.
  13. Communicates effectively and inclusively orally and in writing with staff, parents, students, and community members.
  14. Superintendent should be a visible presence at school and community events.


Califique las cualidades del candidato óptimo según su importancia en una escala de 5 a 1 (5 = Más importante / 1 = Menos importante).

1. Elija el grupo que mejor describa su relación con el distrito escolar.

     Miembro de la comunidad
     Personal de apoyo
2. Tiene experiencia como superintendente de distrito escolar.
3. Un defensor del aprendizaje y el bienestar social/emocional de los estudiantes y el personal.
4. Tiene experiencia en la implementación o gestión de un distrito escolar con programas educativos especializados, como educación profesional y tecnológica, dotados y talentosos y educación especial.
5. Demuestra experiencia y conocimiento actualizado sobre currículos y prácticas de instrucción eficaces.
6. Capaz de administrar eficaz y sólidamente el presupuesto del distrito de manera que sirva a todos los estudiantes.
7. Entiende las conexiones entre las finanzas y los presupuestos, los planes estratégicos y las metas académicas del distrito.
8. Tiene una visión clara de lo que se necesita para brindar una educación ejemplar a todos los estudiantes.
9. Poseía sólidas habilidades para reclutar, contratar y volver a capacitar al personal eficaz del distrito y de la escuela.
10. Capaz de mantener una relación positiva y productiva con la Junta de Educación y fomentar su desarrollo a través de talleres y seminarios web de la junta escolar.
11. Fomentar el crecimiento, el logro y la excelencia de cada estudiante, independientemente de las características de cómo se identifican, incluido el estatus socioeconómico, la raza, el origen étnico, la religión, la orientación sexual o la identidad de género.
12. Participa activamente, escucha y aborda eficazmente las inquietudes de los estudiantes, el personal, los padres y los miembros de la comunidad.
13. Se comunica de manera eficaz e inclusiva de forma oral y escrita con el personal, los padres, los estudiantes y los miembros de la comunidad.
14. El superintendente debe tener una presencia visible en los eventos escolares y comunitarios.


Proposed Timeline


June/July 2023
The Board seeks the service of a Consulting firm to assist with the search for and selection of a new Superintendent of Schools.  The Board conducts a discernment process with various executive search firms that have submitted proposals to assist the school board with their search process for a new Superintendent.

August 2023
At the August BOE meeting, The Board selected Strategic Educational Advantage (SEA) as the firm to assist the school board with the search plan and recruitment process for a new Superintendent.

September 13, 2023
BOE Work Session: SEA will work with the BOE to develop the search plan/recruitment process for the next Superintendent of Schools. Focus Groups/Individuals/Open House Forums

September 15, 2023
After the survey is finalized, a link will be sent out to the entire community that the survey is available on the district website.

September 27, 2023
In-person stakeholder meetings - all day beginning at noon with an evening community forum open to everyone! The meetings will be approximately 40 minutes per group. Possible stakeholder groups would include faculty, administrators, supervisors, Joint Home & School Associations, students, and other groups determined by the BOES in consultation with SEA. That evening, we will hold an Open Community Forum for anyone interested in attending.

October 11, 2023
BOE Work Session: BOE meets with SEA to review and provide feedback on a draft Leadership Profile Report and desired characteristics for the Superintendent candidates and review/edit the draft profile for posting on the district website. SEA will present a summary and analysis of the survey results and forum comments.

Candidate Profile: Leadership Profile Report and Desired Characteristics are finalized. SEA will provide the Board with options and places to advertise with estimated costs, as well as provide information/assistance to the Human Resources department for their submission of advertisements/posting. Formal advertisements will be published and SEA will start actively recruiting candidates that fit the Profile developed with input from all stakeholders.

October 12 - November 6, 2023
Search Firm Interviews: Search firm screens applications and interviews candidates. The Board of Education receives resumes of all applicants (Round 1)

November 8, 2023
SEA meets with the BOE to select a slate of approximately 6-10 candidates to interview. BOE selects questions and scenarios to use for the Quarterfinal round of interviews (Round 2)

November 11 & 12, 2023
BOE will conduct Semi Final Interviews with 3-5 candidates

The week for November 27, 2023, the BOE will conduct final interviews with 2 or 3 finalists. Activities to ensure appropriate vetting of candidates will be discussed.

Appointment of the next Superintendent of Schools should be completed by BOE Meeting in December.