Administration of Medication During School

 Medication Permission Form  


 As outlined in the Nurse Practice Act, Article 139 – Nursing, and provisions of Title VIII of the State Education Law, school nurses, principals, and other school personnel cannot dispense internal medications, such as aspirin tablets, to school children and to school personnel without proper documentation.

In those situations, when medication is prescribed specifically during the time the child is in school, the school nurse may cooperate with the family physician and parents and dispense such medication. THE MEDICATION MUST BE BROUGHT TO THE SCHOOL NURSE BY THE PARENT OR GUARDIAN.

The Carmel School District requires that all students, who need medication during school hours, must do the following:

  1. Present to the nurse, a  written consent form  signed by the parent or legal guardian, and a prescription from the doctor.
  2. Bring the medication in the original bottle, properly labeled by a registered pharmacist as prescribed by law.

Long-term medication may be given by district personnel provided the prescribing physician completes the district medication permission form.

If medication is to be self-administered, the parent and doctor must complete the self – administration portion of the routine district medication permission form for those students who request permission to carry their own medication on campus or keep this medication in a Physical Education locker.