The Carmel Central School District maintains and operates a fleet of 108 buses, which includes 66 passenger buses, 30 passenger buses, various sized vehicles including vans and passenger wheelchair buses. Each year, the fleet logs more than 1,300,000 miles. The District transports children to over 31 different instructional facilities daily. This includes local public schools as well as BOCES or nonpublic programs. State law requires that districts transport students to nonpublic schools which are a maximum of 15 miles from their residence. Transportation is vital the operation of the school district. Over 4,700 public and non-public school students are transported daily to and from school. The Board of Education policy on transportation states that 'it shall be provided to resident students who live at least 0.7 miles from the school they attend or 0.7 miles from a regular bus stop, to a maximum of 15 miles.

Not sure which CCSD school your residence is assigned to? Please refer to our District-Assigned Roads guide to determine the school locations assigned to your residence.

To access information on your child's bus number, bus stop location, and scheduled pick-up/drop-off times, please log into your Home Access Center account

If you have questions or concerns about your child's bus/stop or if your child missed the bus, please contact the Transportation Department directly at (845) 225-3200.

Important Bus Information

Bus Identification System

Specific numbers on buses identify the routes. The route number will be displayed on a card located on the windshield of the bus. The number of the bus is no longer used for identification. Please be sure your child is aware of this route identification system. 

Bus Passes

Children in grades K-5 have been given a bus pass to be used when entering and exiting the bus. The purpose is for the safety of your child. When the pass is used as designed we will be able to know at any time where your child boarded the bus and where they exited the bus. If your child does not use the pass the program will not work for them.

Please remind your children of the importance of using the pass every day and insist that they do so. When a card gets lost we can replace it. If a child continually loses or refuses to use their card we will reach out to you to discuss how to correct the problem. The drivers have also been asked to help the students to remember to use their cards daily. If you should have any questions please call the Transportation Department at 845-225-3200.


Concerns or questions regarding your child’s transportation experience should be directed first to the Supervisor of Transportation, Michael Klenotiz at (845) 225-3200 or