Schools Host Thanksgiving Luncheons for Seniors

Senior citizens throughout the Carmel Central School District community were treated to an early Thanksgiving Luncheon on Wednesday, Nov. 8, at schools across the district.

“Our community really wraps their arms around our seniors,” said Alice Holzmann, the family and consumer science teacher at George Fischer Middle School. “In each of our schools the students serve the seniors, make crafts for them, sing and entertain them and just spend time talking with the seniors. It is a real treat for our seniors and for our students.”  Senior citizens enjoyed an early Thanksgiving Feast in schools across the district. 

The Carmel Teachers Association sponsored the luncheon. Holzmann, who has organized the Thanksgiving Luncheon for 39 years, said the Putnam County Office of the Aging helped coordinate the event, and that the hard work of the schools’ cafeteria staff made the feast a huge success. This year, 80 seniors enjoyed the luncheon at schools throughout the district. The group included many retired teachers and staff members who were happy to return to this district.  In addition to the middle school, the cafeterias at Carmel High School, Matthew Paterson Elementary School and Kent Primary School were filled with the excitement of a Thanksgiving gathering.

“I liked the stuffing, the corn and, especially the pumpkin pie,” said Barbara, a senior citizen who lives in Lake Carmel and attended the luncheon at the middle school. “All of my kids and my three grandchildren went to school here. I love coming back to all the schools. I try to go to a different school every year.”