Board Elections - Candidates

Meet the Candidates for the Carmel Central School District Board of Education

There are three (3) Board of Education seats up for election. All residents may vote on the three available seats, as well as the District’s budget.

The seats will be filled by the three candidates with the highest number of votes for three-year (3-year) terms, commencing July 1, 2022, and expiring on June 30, 2025.

The District hosted a Meet the Candidates virtual event on May 10. See a recording of the virtual Meet the Candidates event.

The current candidate list is as follows:

  • Valerie Crocco
  • Eric Mittelstadt
  • Jason Paraskeva
  • Hans Bernier
  • Dawn Dall
  • Beatrice Moore

Candidates had the option to submit a biography to be shared with the community. Biographies listed below were submitted by individual candidates and are not edited or endorsed by the district:

Valerie Crocco

 Valerie Crocco My name is Valerie Crocco, and I am seeking a seat on the Carmel Central School District’s Board of Education.

After choosing to stay home to raise my girls, I began my career at St. James the Apostle School. In my tenure, I was a teacher and principal. I am grateful to have been part of an amazing team of educators, parents, and leadership that helped keep St. James the only Catholic school in Putnam County; true educational success is only possible when all stakeholders work together.

In addition to working at St. James, I volunteered in the community. I participated as class mom, KCPTO President, post prom committee member, Girl Scouts leader, and CCD teacher. My daughters are vastly different, and Carmel schools offered them each what they needed to succeed: Clubs, the arts, college-level classes, spirit days, etc. I am confident that the accomplishments and happiness they have achieved is in great part due to the experiences they had in Carmel. As a mother and an educator, I couldn’t ask for more.

It is time to give back. It is important that Carmel’s next generation have the opportunities my girls did. My experience as a mother, teacher, and administrator brings a unique perspective to how I view education. I hope that I can help provide a place where the children of our community can realize their dreams, be true to themselves, and be ready to live in our world today and in the future.

Jason Paraskeva

 Jason ParaskevaMy name is Jason Paraskeva and I have lived in the CCSD my entire life. I graduated from Carmel High School in 1988. My wife and I have been married for 15 years. We have two children currently in the district.

I am a degreed Electrical Engineer and Co-founder of KPG Automation in Bristol, CT. I have 20 years’ experience as a board member of the East Fishkill Planning Board, which has allowed me many opportunities to address issues and concerns and do what was best for the community.

I’m an involved parent in our district. I served as a PTO board member at KES. I am the Chairman of the Finance committee and a Trustee on the Policy committee.

I was elected last year to serve on the BOE to finish out the remaining year of a vacancy. I volunteered to do this job during difficult times because I wanted to be a voice for our parents, community and children. I come with no agenda or bias and believe in our vision to embrace individuality, provide opportunities for students to discover and pursue their passions, ignite a desire to learn, and continue to recognize and fight for the importance of education for all students.

Now I am asking you, the community, to put your trust in me to continue the hard work that I have done along with the rest of the Board to serve our community, all district employees and most of all, and most importantly, our children.


Hans Bernier

 Hans Bernier Our family moved to the Carmel area three years ago. My wife and I wanted the opportunity for our two school aged boys to spread out and into themselves. The Carmel School district has provided both of them with the balance of structure and support needed to do just that. In addition, as a youth development and education practitioner with over twenty years of service in the field I am aiming to continue this commitment through work with the Carmel Central School Board.

My career in the school space as a district employee in New Rochelle and Non-Profit administrator in NYC public schools provides me with a unique perspective to tackle the upcoming tasks for Carmel’s educational system. I will lean into my counseling and school climate support expertise to build on the MTSS work already happening at the school level. One goal would be to leverage this building level infrastructure to adopt a district wide approach to supporting students and staff social-emotional needs especially given the complexities of our current day-to-day.

I always take an open and straightforward approach which includes using the resources from my current role with CSSW (The Columbia University School of Social Work) and connecting to the best practices in the field of youth development/education. I would welcome the chance to apply this understanding to the role of Member of the Carmel Central School Districts Board of Education. I look forward to the work ahead.

Dawn Dall

 Dawn Dall Living in the Carmel community my entire life has afforded me the opportunity to experience our outstanding schools as a student, professional educator, coach, and parent. One of the highest compliments a school district can receive is paid by former students choosing to raise their children in their hometown, and as my son and daughter near graduation, it is my appreciation for the community that fuels my desire to serve on the Board of Education, working to ensure that all students have the same positive educational experiences enjoyed by my family. I have dedicated my life to serving students and parents by working as a Speech-Language Pathologist within the public school system for the past 26 years, the last 23 in the Katonah Lewisboro School District. With this work I have learned that progress happens when there is a collaborative approach to student needs, capitalizing on the thoughtful insights of parents, teachers, and administrators. Working in partnership, parents and schools foster student creativity, character, and the critical thinking skills that lead to a promising future. It is in this spirit that I volunteered for eight years as a coach in the CRYFAC program where I had the privilege to work with student athletes and their families.

I value:

  • Direct, open, and honest dialogue,
  • mutual respect,
  • thoughtful analysis, and
  • informed opinions.

--- Dawn Dall, Proud Member of the Carmel Community

Beatrice Moore

 Beatrice Moore I have lived in Carmel since 2008 with my son who attends Carmel High School. I graduated from Manhattan College with a BA in Organizational Management.

I worked as a Sergeant with the NYPD for 20 years and am currently employed as a part time Sergeant in Putnam County. In addition to that I am the security supervisor of a school district in Westchester County.

I am running for a seat on the school board because I would like to see the schools safe for the students as well as the teachers/staff.

I would also like an opportunity to have an input on the school budget, I volunteer as the treasurer of my condominium so I do have experience with budgets.

I would like to try and take all politics out of the schools, let teachers teach and let students learn in a safe environment. We have to put the students first while keeping the costs down.

We need effective Bullying/harassment prevention and consequences throughout the schools. We need help from our legislatures.

The Carmel School board meetings have drawn negative attention recently; I would like to get back to business for our children. I am a strong advocate for parents’ rights and transparency on all levels. I also believe in the importance of community involvement in our schools.

I listen to the entire community when entrusted to make decisions that will impact everyone! If you vote for me, your voice will count!!