Budgets - Budget Newsletter

2021-2022 Proposed Budget

Dear Carmel Community,

At the April 20, 2021, Board of Education meeting, the Carmel Board of Education adopted a $133,581,366 spending plan for the 2021-2022 school year. This spending plan represents a 2.33% increase in spending over the 2020-2021 budget and will rely on a proposed 1.69% tax levy increase. Building a budget has not been an easy task in recent years and building the proposed 2021-2022 school year budget is no exception.

As has been the case over the past several years, we continue to tackle significant economic pressures including compliance with the NYS property tax cap legislation, underfunded
NYS Foundation Aid, underfunded/unfunded mandates, contractual obligations, rising healthcare costs, pension contributions and special programming needs. In the 2020-2021
school year we have incurred unexpected costs for PPE, cleaning & disinfection, technology, and desk barriers. Additionally, the District continues to plan for a continued uncertain
environment in the 2021-2022 school year.

Similar to previous years, the 2021-2022 proposed budget includes difficult decisions on where and what to reduce in order to remain under the tax cap and meet the needs of our
students. Every area of the operating budget was examined with the intention of providing the very best education for our children. The proposed 2021-2022 budget, as it stands,
reflects our commitment to put children first.

The budget newsletter provides an overview of the proposed budget. Please review the proposed budget and make an informed decision when casting your vote. CarmelSchools.org, our website, provides additional information and details about the proposed 2021-2022 budget.

Remember your vote is important – every vote counts! Thank you for your support of our District and your continued partnership as we work together to educate the whole student to
become lifelong learners in an ever-changing world.

The Carmel Board of Education

Reserve Accounts & Fund Balance

Our reserve accounts allow for proper planning of unexpected expenses without having to dip into the general budget.


June 30, 2020 

June 30, 2019 


Reserve for Encumbrances 

This reserve is for expenditures for the previous school year that were not yet received and/or paid by June 30. These expenditures are normally paid during the months of July and August. This reserve is created and used each year. 

 $928,439.44  $806,330.01  $122,109.43 

Reserve for Tax Certiorari 

This reserve is for expenditures that arise when taxpayers in the District challenge the assessments of their property and file lawsuits to have their assessments lowered. 

$1,798,315.64  $1,909,495.64  ($111,180.00) 

Reserve for Employee Benefits 

This reserve is for expenditures related to contractual obligations for retirees such as the payment of unused sick and personal days. 

$1,732,281.43  $1,231,531.78  $500,749.65 

Reserve for Retirement Contributions 

This reserve is funds that are set aside to help cover the costs of large increases to the employer contributions to ERS and TRS which can happen from time to time. 

$500,000.00  $0 $500,000.00 

Appropriated Fund Balance 

This is the amount that was used to reduce the amount of the tax levy for the 2020-21 school year. 

$2,200,000.00  $2,225,000.00  ($25,000.00) 

Capital Reserve 

This reserve allows the District to set aside money for future construction projects and improvements of facilities. Voter approval is required to withdraw any funds from this account. 

$1,103,716.65  $953,716.65  $150,000 

Unreserved-Undesignated Fund Balance 

By NYS law, this fund can be up to 4% of the current year’s budget and is reserved for unforeseen emergencies. 

$5,221,655.44  $4,897,070.25  $324,585.19 

Appropriated for COVID 

This is a one-time appropriation that was approved by the Board of Education to cover increased costs of operating our schools during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

$1,310,414.00  $0  $1,310,414.00 
Total $14,794,822,60.00  $12,023,144.33 $2,771,678.27

Carmel Central School District Proposed Budget 2021-2022

Administrative Budget

Administrative 2021-2022  2020-2021 Variance 
Board of Education $44,730.00 $45,930.00 ($1,200.00)
Central Administration $352,411.00 $348,250.00 $4,161.00
Finance $1,494,878.00 $1,455,215.00  $39,663.00 
Legal Services $125,000.00  $125,000.00  $0
Personnel $562,255.00  $456,200.00  $106,055.00 
Records Management  $3,250.00  $25,900.00  ($22,650.00) 
Public Information 
$133,200.00  $140,700.00  ($7,500.00) 
Other Central Services 
$1,106,730.00  $952,546.00  $154,184.00 
Other Special Items 
$1,299,678.00  $1,255,450.00  $44,228.00 
Curriculum, Development & Supervision 
$456,420.00  $447,625.00  $8,795.00 
Supervision, Regular School 
$2,437,814.00  $2,532,400.00  ($94,586.00) 
Research, Evaluation & Planning 
$11,000.00  $11,000.00  $0
Employee Benefits 
$2,642,135.00  $2,637,243.00  $4,892.00 
Total Administrative Budget 
$10,669,501.00  $10,433,459.00  $236,042.00 


Program Budget

Program  2021-2022  2020-2021  Variance
Legal Services  $45,000.00  $45,000.00  $0
$68,368,046.00 $67,067,584.00 $1,300,462.00
Other District Transportation 
$5,068,120.00 $4,951,375.00 $116,745.00
Garage Building
$746,267.00 $736,950.00 $9,317.00
Community Service
$365,200.00 $340,550.00 $24,650.00
Employee Benefits
$32,478,713.00 $32,418,581.00 $60,132.00
Total Program Budget
$107,071,346.00  $105,560,040.00 $1,511,306.00


Capital Budget

Capital 2021-2022  2020-2021  Variance
Operation of Plant $7,418,230.00 $7,431,525.00 ($13,295.00)
Judgements & Claims
$100,000.00 $100,000.00  $0
Refund of Taxes
$100,000.00 $100,000.00 $0
Purchase of Buses
$502,000.00 $465,000.00 $37,000.00
Debt Service
$4,890,486.00 $3,625,928.00 $1,264,558.00
Transfer to Capital
$470,000.00 $470,000.00  $0
Employee Benefits
$2,359,803.00 $2,355,434.00 $4,369.00
Total Capital Budget 
$15,840,519.00 $14,547,887.00 $1,292,632.00

Total Budget

Total Budget  2021-22 2020-2021 Variance
Total Budget
$133,581,366.00 $130,541,386.00 $3,039,980.00

What You Will See on the Ballot

Voters will be asked to consider two propositions and vote for Board of Education members on this year’s ballot.

The first proposition asks voters to consider the proposed school budget for 2021-2022. This is how it will appear on the ballot:

Proposition #1: Basic Budget
Shall the Board of Education be authorized to expend the sum of $133,581,366 during the 2021-2022 school year as a basic budget?

The second proposition is being brought before the community in order to simplify the registration process for community members, allowing voter registration five days per week at the District Office with the District Clerk, as opposed to one four-hour period with the Board of Registration. There is no additional cost to taxpayers. This is how it will appear on the ballot:

Proposition #2: Walk-In (Continuous) Registration
Shall the Board of Education of the Carmel Central School District implement a system of walk-in (continuous) voter registration from 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM on Monday through Friday on days when the District Offices are open, at the District Clerk’s Office, 81 South Street, Patterson, NY, effective July 1, 2021.

School Board Candidate Elections

There are three (3) Board of Education seats up for election. All residents may vote on the three available seats, as well as the District’s budget.

Two seats will be filled by the two candidates with the highest number of votes for three (3)-year terms, commencing July 1, 2021, and expiring on June 30, 2024; one seat will be filled by the candidate with the third-highest number of votes for a term commencing May 19, 2021, and expiring on June 30, 2022.

Candidates are (as they will appear on the ballot):

  • Michelle Yorio
  • Jason Paraskeva
  • Melissa Orser
  • John C. Curzio II
  • Tamara Harrison

The District will host a Meet the Candidates virtual event on May 11. Additional information about the virtual event will be available on www.carmelschools.org. A recording of the event will be made available after May 11.