Fee Schedule for Damaged or Missing Devices or Accessories

BE IT RESOLVED that the Board of Education of the Carmel Central School District hereby approves the following resolution:

With the goal of reducing preventable damage to the district’s technology, the Board of Education hereby amends the established fee schedule for damaged or missing devices or accessories provided to students by the district and hereby authorizes the Superintendent  or her designee to access and collect such fees, as recommended by the Superintendent of Schools:

  • Repairable damage to device: up to $100, depending upon the damage
  • Unrepairable damage to device or missing device: up to $300
  • Lost of unrepairable charger: up to $25

Administration may reduce or waive the fee at their discretion.

Students who receive free and reduced meals will automatically be charged 50% of the assigned fee.

Students considered responsible for directly damaging / losing a device or charger assigned to another student may be subject to the fee schedule at the discretion of the administration.

Approved at the BOE meeting held on August 16, 2022.