CNWC Mission Statement

Wellness Committee - Mission Statement



 The Child Nutrition Committee will explore the many different aspects of the health and nutrition concerns of the children of the District. Areas of review will include the school meal program, health education, physical education and current curriculum as it involves nutrition and health education, and when new Federal or state guidance or standards are issued. The wellness policy will be assessed and updated as indicated at least every three years, following the triennial assessment.



Charge: The Committee will address issues and concerns relating to the health and nutrition needs of the children of the District in order to present to the Board of Education a Wellness Policy for Carmel Central School  District.

The Committee will:          

  1. Review the planning and preparation of healthy meals that appeal to ethnic and cultural taste preferences.
  2. Understand the importance of maintaining the financial integrity of the meals program by using sound business practices.
  3. Continue to offer free and reduced meals to qualifying families.
  4. Investigate current meal offerings.
  5. Identify snack items for building levels with the understanding of the right to choose.
  6. Investigate current allotment of time for meal consumption.
  7. Study the importance of linking the meals program to other educational activities.
  8. Study the nutrition education curriculum.
  9. Study the physical education program.
  10. Study the various food allergy concerns.
  11. Investigate vending machine offerings.
  12. Study “fund raising” alternatives.
  13. Promote community awareness.