Employee Benefits

Benefits Contact

Phone: (845) 878-2094, ext. 212
Fax: (845) 878-4337


As of January 1, 2016, the third party administrator for the CCSD Health Care Plan is INDECS. The Prescription Benefit Manager (PBM), Envision, has not changed. 

Provider Network
You do not have to be logged in to access the provider network on INDECS Corp’s website. Visit the INDECS Network Provider Lookup page, choose Carmel Central School Health Benefits Plan and use BlueCard PPO/EPO as your network.

Additional Cards
If you need additional cards for college-age dependents please contact the Carmel Central School District Benefits Office. 

Health Insurance Changes
It is the responsibility of the enrollee to make sure you keep health insurance information current if there are any changes to your health insurance plan, marriage, divorce, etc.