Rules for CHS Concession Stand

  1. Only the groups permitted through the District's Facilities Scheduling Direct request system are authorized to use the Concession Stand.
  2. All users/groups must read and understand the following list of rules. If you are not authorized or would like to cancel your use request, you must alert the District staff who will inspect the stand and lock it up properly.
  3. Permitted groups will bring their sale items/supplies with them or use only their own supplies stored properly in the stand. The materials and supplies of other groups stored in the stand are off limits.
  4. Every group that uses this area is responsible for everything that happens to it from the time the Custodial staff opens the door, to the time they lock the door. You must confirm, in their presence, that the Custodial staff have inspected the stand and locked the door before you leave.
  5. Charges for damages, required repairs or missing items caused to the stand or its equipment during use by a permitted group will be billed to that group.
  6. Every group is responsible to clean up after themselves using only the Ecolab cleaner located over the sink and the pail, sponges, rags broom, dustpan provided. Every group's cleanup shall include: 
    1. proper storage of their materials/supplies
    2. wiping down all the shelves, counters and appliances that were touched or used during their stay
    3. removal of all debris from the floor.
    4. The Custodial staff will remove garbage from the pail, clean the sink and mop the floor.
  7. Every group will remove all the items brought in during their use that do not fit into designated appliances or storage cabinets. The permitted group will properly identify all their stored items. Unlabeled storage items, as well as all other items left in the stand will be discarded.
  8. Every group is responsible to remove all their food items from storage by November 1st and June 1st of each year. This will allow for proper defrosting, disinfecting and general cleaning of all refrigerators, freezers and cabinets between seasons. It is not the District's responsibility to remind everyone of these dates. Custodians will be direct to discard everything from storage that is not removed accordingly. Extensions may be granted upon request for playoff games.
  9. Leave NOTHING on the floor -- it will be discarded.