Frequently Asked Questions

How is the alternating cohort schedule created? 

The alternating cohort was created to accommodate all of our students having in-person instruction (hybrid) while meeting the NYS and the Department of Health mandates. We needed to limit the number of students in a classroom to adhere to six (6) feet of distance. The District decided the cohort schedule AA/BB allowed for us to create the schedules by last name so that we could provide equal learning in-person time for all students.   


What happens if there are additional missed in-person days for a specific cohort? What will happen if there is another Wednesday school closure or holiday?

We will look at all the schools and days missed and take that into consideration in order to be equitable. 


Why do the special education & ENL students get five in-person days?

According to the re-opening guidelines put forth by the NY State Education Department, students with disabilities and English Language Learners must be the first considered for in-person learning.   


When will all students be back to full in-person learning?

As of now six feet of distance is still required for all in-person classrooms. Given the classroom spaces in our District, and the number of students we have coming in, we are unable to accommodate all learners in person.  Should the NYS Department of Health change the six feet requirement the District will be able to look at bringing more students in person.  


Why are other Districts able to bring more students in person?

Districts in Westchester County are following the guidelines of the Westchester Department of Health. Westchester Department of Health is allowing three (3) feet of distance between individuals. In addition, other districts may have smaller overall populations, smaller class sizes, and buildings with additional space that we do not have in Carmel Central School District.  


Are there any changes to the safety protocols that allow this?

We reviewed parent feedback and worked with building administrators to determine if we could bring more students back while following the NYSED and NYSDOH guidelines. 


Why did you decide thaCohort B comes in first? 

We reviewed the number of in-person days for each building: 


Cohort A 

Cohort B 

Kent Primary School



Kent Elementary School



Matthew Paterson Elementary School



Carmel High School



George Fischer Middle School 




Will this model change again?

Unfortunately, with the changes in the pandemic guidance from the state, the CDC, and the local Department of Health coming frequently, there is still a possibility of change. The positive changes we are seeing seem to be moving in the direction of more in-person instruction once vaccines are more widespread. We will continue to adjust to more in-person time as allowable.  


Where can I find school-specific information about the change to in-person Wednesdays?

Building principals will have specific information about specific classroom schedules. The District website will continue to post the current cohort day on a daily basis.  


Where can I find specific information for co-taught special education classes and English as a New Language classes about the change to in-person Wednesdays?

A separate memo from the Office of Pupil Personnel Services (PPS) is forthcoming. In addition, building principals will share specific information about room assignments and class schedules. A copy of the memo from PPS is available on the PPS webpage.  


How will this impact my student who is remote-only?

Remote-only learners will return to the same schedules they had prior to the switch to remote-only Wednesdays. Any questions regarding this should be directed to the remote-only classroom teachers and/or the principals.