CCSD Students Showcase Art for Friends of the Great Swamp

There was a colorful sea of owls, turtles, ducks, fish and otters from Carmel Central School District students at the annual Friends of the Great Swamp (FrOGS) celebration and art show, October 24-25.

 Two works of student art, both of owls The annual art show boasts drawings, photographs, ceramics and more from local school students and community members, and the creative submissions from CCSD students filled an entire side of the room at the in-person event. 

Additional student artwork is featured in the virtual art show that is hosted on the FrOGS website through November 15. The District has been participating in the Friends of the Great Swamp annual art show for more than a decade.

At Kent Primary, Art Teacher Sarah Bell worked with her fourth-grade students to create animal drawings using a technique known as texture rubbing. After drawing the outlines of their animals, the students placed plates with different textures underneath their drawings and rubbed over it with crayons to create different patterns on the paper. 

George Fischer Middle School Art Teacher Sandra Swarm has done many diverse styles of art with her students for the FrOGS art show over the years, including clay tiles, glue drawings and wildlife drawings. This year, her sixth-grade students tried their hands at printmaking – an experimental project for the students and Swarm. Students worked to carve an animal of their choosing into a piece of foam to create a stamp. Using water-soluble markers, the students colored their foam stamp and pressed it into watercolor paper to make a print of their animal.

“I had students print an abstract design first before trying their FrOGS print, so they could figure out the process and understand how it works,” said Swarm. “When they were printing, I had them report to the class a way of printing that helped them create a successful print.”

Sixth-grade students from Art Teacher Krista Berardi’s class displayed colorful paintings of owls – in all shapes, sizes and colors.

Students from Kent Elementary School highlighted an array of different artistic styles created under the guidance of art teacher Rachel Berry. The KES submissions included impressionistic style trees and tree collages, texture drawings, mixed color paintings and foil relief projects from the various grades.

Submissions from Matthew Paterson Elementary School students included oil pastel painting from Grade 4 classes, construction paper and feather owls from Kindergarten classes, and lots of colorful reptile artwork from Grade 1 classes.

The District’s ongoing participation in this annual exhibit showcases three of our 6Cs values in action – creativity, collaboration and citizenship – and allows us to celebrate our young artists work with the local community! 

FrOGS In-Person Show Artwork

KPS Student Art Class