Crowning Math Champions

Congratulations to our recent First in Math Grand Champions! First in Math is a program of enrichment and extension math games/activities used in the district to complement the amazing math instruction happening in our classrooms. The program helps continue to promote a love of math, improve critical and computational thinking and strengthen math fluency.  

Student holding a Math Grand Champion certificate and trophy

Our students participate in the program to earn stickers for playing math games. To become a Grand Champion, students must earn 10,000+ stickers from the various math activities to choose from.  

Math + Games + Stickers = Fun  

Here is what some of our newest Grand Champions are saying about First in Math:  

“I like Link ‘N Lock-Multiply and Divide and Jennie’s Jewels because they challenge you and they are like puzzles,” said Logan P. from Mrs. Belasco’s class at Matthew Paterson.  

Classmate Nouhou Z. also enjoyed the games: “Equivalent fractions helped me understand how to identify equal fractions and Equal Pay gave me a head start on how to count money.”  

Carter H. in Mrs. Moran’s class at Matthew Paterson could not choose one game as his favorite. He loves that the games help fuel his competitive spirit with his favorite subject in school. Being able to compete against not only his classmates but the other students in the school and district. Carter checks the leader board daily and has a friendly competition going where they even talk about it at recess.  Classmate Angela M. loves the coding games in Computational Thinking, Missing Icons CT and What Belongs CT.   

Samantha D. in Ms. DeToma’s class named Pundi’s Puzzle, a pattern-solving game, as her favorite. She loves to work on advanced math topics like solving multiple variables, polynomials and working with foreign currency.  

Alejandra C. in Mrs. Greenberg's class loves playing FIM because it's fun and her favorite game is Link 'N Lock Multiplication/Division. 

McKenna V. and Freddy H. in Mrs. Ryan’s class at Kent Elementary both enjoy the game Missing Icon and love to earn stickers by playing the games on First in Math. Classmate Thomas C. enjoys RPS Chess Coding because “it’s so much fun,” and Emma C. enjoys Equal Length because there are so many different games that you can explore. Chris C. loves earning stickers and playing all the First in Math games.   

Our students at George Fischer Middle School are also enjoying First in Math. Alex P. in Mr. McQuade's Class said: “My favorite game is VIF (Very Important Facts), I love how it's almost like a journey throughout the different operations. I like how there is competition between you and your classmates."  

 Way to go, grand champions! We are so proud of you!