Carmel High School Athletes Inspire the Next Generation of Girls

More than three dozen female athletes from Carmel High School visited the district’s three elementary schools on National Girls and Women in Sports Day on February 7 to show the youngsters the value of sports.  

Marina Cilento, a senior who is on the bowling team, opened the event by reading a statement to first graders in the gym at Kent Primary School. 

“Each year since its inception in 1987, the U.S. Congress recognizes women’s contributions to sports and society on a day during the first week of February,” Marina said.    

When the statement was over, the games began. 

The first graders from Daina Sinclair and Corinne Phillips classes rushed to have the athletes guide them through the gymnastics course that was set up in the gym. 

“The athletes who came all volunteered,” Carmel’s Athletic Director Christopher Salumn said. “It is a chance to bring awareness to female sports and all the opportunities they will have to participate when they get older.”  

Ayva Rivard, a golfer, said she was happy to work with the youngsters. 

“We are excited to be here and to give back to the schools,” Ayva said. “It’s a great opportunity to show girls here that they can be equal to boys in sports.”  

Katie Ross, a junior who plays lacrosse, tried to convince a group of first graders – boys and girls – that they should take up her sport.  

“You should all play lacrosse,” Katie said. “It’s the best game.”  

One 6-year-old girl latched onto Danielle Diab the moment the teenager walked in.  

Danielle laughed and shrugged, saying she did not know why the first grader was wrapped around her arm.  

“I’m hugging her because she’s my coach,” the girl said.  

The teens happily gave a hug or two to inspire the children to play sports.  

“We want to encourage young girls to play and show them what Carmel has to offer,” said Addison Palmieri, a freshman. “I don’t think kids realize how much they can do here.”