Carmel High School Inducts Inaugural Class to National Art Honor Society

Congratulations to the inaugural inductees of the new Carmel High School chapter of the National Art Honor Society.

In order to be inducted, students had to be a senior with GPA of 90% or better and have completed service hours in the arts and/or community.

During the induction ceremony, the students received a recognition certificate from the National Art Honor Society as well as cords to wear at the upcoming graduation ceremony.

Student Inductees to Art Honor Society

Students inducted into the National Art Honor Society this year:

  • Kylie Behan
  • Allison Burns
  • Ellyse Davis
  • Valentine Kocaj
  • Kaitlyn Lennon
  • Megan Mackin
  • Aidan O’Connor
  • Delilah Polanco
  • Jaclyn Repanti
  • Julie Repanti
  • Aife Ruane
  • Gabrielle Santangelo
  • Leah Vaidian
  • Abigail Weizenecker

“For the past few years, it has been a goal of the Art Department to start a chapter of the National Art Honor Society at Carmel High School,” said Christine Wisniewski, chair of the district Art Department. “We have so many hard-working and talented artists' in our high school, and the honor society is another way to ensure that they are recognized and celebrated. It has been an exciting first year and we look forward to the National Art Honor Society continuing for many more years to come.”