High School Assembly Promotes Learning About Others Without Judgement

Fowlin speaks to students

Carmel High School students learned the powerful message “You Don’t Know Me Until You Know Me” at last week’s assembly with guest speaker and performer, Dr. Mykee Fowlin. Fowlin recently visited George Fischer Middle School with the same assembly and received high praise from the students who enjoyed his use of humor, his positive energy, and the open and honest conversations he brought to the room. 

The key take-away message for students was to take the time to get to know others without judgment so you can learn who they really are. 

“I think the worst thing I experience in a school is when people don’t give me a chance, or give other people a chance, to express who they really are,” said Fowlin. “What I really try to work on is even if you have a different perspective than me, I share my perspective in a way that gives you room to share yours as well.”