Medical Assistant Students on Their Way to Pediatric Nursing Careers

Destiny Henry and Samantha Robinson have a lot in common. Both are Carmel High School seniors; both are Medical Assistant and EMT students studying at the Career and Technical Education Center at PNW BOCES; and both aspire to be pediatric nurses.

Samantha Robinson and Destiny Henry

 “I have always been fascinated with the medical field,” said Samantha. “When we went on a tour of the Tech Center and I learned about the Medical Assistant program, I knew it was for me. The program has really helped me to learn more about different aspects of the medical field.”

Destiny feels the same way. “This program has allowed me to expand my knowledge in the medical field and get to know more about clinical work,” she said. “I have learned so much since joining the program.”

Career and Technical Education teacher Maria Pontbriand has no doubt that the two seniors will be successful in the pursuit of their professional dreams.

“Destiny is hard-working, goal-oriented and possesses a zeal for learning,” she said. “Her diligence serves as a positive example for others to emulate.”

“Like Destiny, Samantha is intelligent and very organized, which is important because, in  addition to a full academic load, she also has a part-time job.  She has great time-management skills and is always kind and willing to help others.”

Destiny and Samantha are earning college credit while in the program, and they have earned their 10-hour OSHA certification as well as certifications in their EMT program. They plan to study nursing in college next year.

“Both students are well on their way to becoming pediatric nurses with the knowledge and skills they have learned here at The Tech Center and the college credits they have earned as 4-hour Medical Assistant students.