Science Research Competition

2024 Eastern JSHS:  

Six Carmel High School science research students were selected to present at the Eastern Junior Science and Humanities Symposium on Saturday, January 27, 2024. Eastern JSHS is a sub-regional symposium to the statewide Junior Science and Humanities Symposium, one the most prestigious forums for young scientists in the country.

The six students and their project titles are:  

Grace Fischer (senior) - The Effects of Human-Made Noise Pollution on Songbirds in New York State 

Jack Foley (senior) - An Analysis of Patient Satisfaction within Hospital Outpatient Departments & Ambulatory Surgery Centers 

Emily Furu (junior) - Aromatherapy and High School Students 

Noah Hartglass (junior) - Testing the Effect of Soda Ash on Water Quality in Teatown Lake 

Emma Sullivan (junior) - Is there a correlation between Ptau and Abeta levels in Alzheimer's patients? 

Lucas Tseng (junior) - Global North vs. Global South: Factors that Contribute to the Equatorial Economic Divide