Science Research Program Students Earn Awards for Exemplary Research

 Aliaga In March, Carmel High School was represented by seven high-achieving science students at the Westchester Science and Engineering Fair (WESEF): Jennie Belle Aliaga (junior), Grace Fischer (junior), Kyle Grgecic (senior), Maesha Hossain (senior), Abigail Morelli (senior), Olivia Schwark (senior) and Riley Ward (senior). The students all presented exemplary scientific research that they completed while enrolled in the Carmel High School Science Research program, a three-year program that affords students the opportunity to participate in the community of scientific research as part of their high school experience.

Congratulations to junior Jennie Belle Aliaga, senior Kyle Grgecic and senior Riley Ward for earning awards for their outstanding research projects.

Aliaga’s project, “The Knowledge and Practices on Water Intake and its Relation to Urbanization Levels during the COVID-19 Pandemic in the United States,” earned her two awards: the U.S. Stockholm Junior Water Prize for outstanding water science projects and the Excellence in Medical Research Award for projects that improve quality of life and make people healthier.

Grgecic was awarded second place in the Behavioral and Social Sciences category for his project, “The Impact of Shared Time with Family Members on Adolescent Personality.”

Ward was awarded third place in the Behavioral and Social Sciences category for her project, “Debunking the Stigma Behind Chemistry.”

The three award winners were honored at a dedicated award ceremony at the end of March. Congratulations to all our students on a job well done!