Art Develops Character at George Fischer Middle School

SpongeBob SquarePants is one of sixth grader Eugene’s favorite cartoons, so when he was asked to draw any character, Eugene just had to draw SpongeBob.  

“Our teacher said to make a banner with a character behind it,” Eugene, 11, said. “That is SpongeBob looking out in the back. My shield has a dragon on it.” 

The banner and shield are part of the Coat of Arms, the first art project of the year for the sixth graders at George Fischer Middle School. The project teaches the students drawing skills and reinforces curriculum themes that will come up later in the year when they study medieval history, art teacher Sandra Swarm said.  

“In the beginning of the year we work on culture,” Swarm said. “It’s a lot of social and emotional learning as the students settle into routines and get to know one another.”  

Sixth graders drawing in art class

Creativity, communication and citizenship, which the project addresses, are three of the Carmel 6Cs, the skills and characteristics that the district aims to instill in Carmel C

entral School District graduates.  

As for the students, they were just excited about making a Coat of Arms.  

 “I like art,” said Mikayla. “It’s fun to make things.”