Fourth Graders Get a Taste of Middle School

The fourth graders lined up and marched into George Fischer Middle School, eager to see what the next step in their education might be like.  

“This is your first visit to the middle school,” said Dr. Merica Neufville, the middle school principal. “We are going to show you some of the things you can choose to do when you come here.”  

First stop for the soon-to-be graduates of Carmel Central School District’s three elementary schools was an introduction to the middle school music department. The youngsters also learned that they would have some choice in their middle school education.  

“I know that a lot of you are in chorus this year,” said Meghan Cabral, the district’s music department chair. “I hope many of you choose chorus in middle school, too. When you are in middle school, you will have the opportunity to do band and chorus or orchestra and chorus, but you do not have to choose any of them. All students will take general music.” 

The elementary school children were rapt as the sixth-grade chorus, led by teacher Aimee Brainard, gave a performance singing in two-part harmony. They sat fascinated as the band and then the orchestra introduced their instruments. 

With so many instruments to choose from, the fourth graders started chattering.    

“When I come to middle school, I think I will want to play an instrument in the band,” said Seamus, a Kent Elementary School fourth grader. “I don’t know what instrument yet. I haven’t decided on that. I think the chorus here sounded really good. I might try that, too.”