Salsa with Celia Cruz

Can you dance the Salsa?Student coloring in a Celia Cruz picture

Students in Colette Calderón's Grade 8 Spanish classes at George Fischer Middle School can! Recently, the students danced their way through an informative and fun lesson highlighting the life of the famous Cuban American singer Celia Cruz during Hispanic Heritage Month.

“I chose Celia Cruz because she is an iconic Latin entertainer who has had such an impact on salsa music,” said Calderón. “I also find her life story about having to leave her home country of Cuba and having to make her own way here in this country truly remarkable.”

For the lesson, students read a book about Cruz, watched videos of her performances and colored images depicting her vibrant hairstyles and costumes. But, the most favored part of the lesson was the opportunity to try dancing salsa just like Cruz!

A friendly classroom trivia competition on Cruz’s life and career brought the lesson full-circle and was a fun capstone to the day.