Science Fair Draws a Crowd

Aiden and Nouhou had a theory. They knew that putting a Mentos mint candy inside a bottle of soda, would make the soda go volcanic, but would putting a Mentos in different kinds of sodas change the size of the explosion?   

The boys’ project was one of 96 projects showcased in the George Fischer Middle School Science Fair. This year, students competed in four distinct categories: biology, earth and space, invention and physical science. Almost 200 students participated.   Soda and Mentos Project 

 “The Science Fair is the district's largest academic event of the year, and this year was exceptional,” said Science Fair Advisor Jeff Diamonde. “We estimate that more than 300 people came out to support our students and see their work.” 

Diamonde teaches technology and art and has been a Science Fair Advisor since 1998. He is retiring this year and Co-Advisor Cheryl-Ann Murphy, a World Language teacher, will now be the lead Science Fair Advisor. A former administrator at Ulster BOCES, Murphy has overseen the Secondary Science and Technology curriculum and because she speaks Spanish many ENL (English as a New Language) students joined the Science Fair this year.  

 The fair is really a schoolwide project. Technology Teacher Anthony Soltille helped with student-made robot demonstrations. The school’s Special Education Chairperson Cathy Mahon and PACE Teacher April Roe provided the PACE students with an opportunity to create an amazing project this year. Bridge Students volunteered throughout the day, helping students bring items into the building and taking pictures. The art department displayed students' work around the gymnasium. And the George Fischer Middle School PTA sponsored and supported the Science Fair, providing everything from 100 display tables to the plaques awarded to the winners.  

Principal Dr. Merica Neufville emphasized that working together is a way of strengthening a school community.  

“The Fair’s advisors made sure there were opportunities for all students to participate in the Science Fair, even if they were not entering a project,” Dr. Neufville said. “Our GFMS family, or "RAMILY" as we like to say, provides ways for all of our students to be included.  

The first-place winner in each category is invited to compete in the Tri-County Science and Technology Fair in April. 

Here is the list of winners:  

8th grade 
1st Aarav Prasad 
7th Grade 
1st Jack Sutherland, Bryce Dalton, Lucas Hauptner 
2nd Liliana Fagant, Mahee Deshpande 
6th Grade 
1st Place  Own Ball, Michael Harionto 
2nd Sadie Lopez, Julianna Sorbella 
3rd  Olivia Capizzi, Genevieve Tallevi 
5th  Grade 
1st  Jack Doll, Evelyn Follett, Liliana Sullivan 
2nd  Ezra Schembari, Jose Posada 
3rd  Aiden Kamal 
8th  Grade 
1st Levi Robinson, Michael Cecchini 
2nd Ella Zimmerman, Violet Harper, Emma Rivera 
3rd  Kate Morelli, Cora Hedman, Saranda Krasniqi 
7th  Grade 
1st Stanley Smith 
2nd Clara Vuljevic 
6th Grade 
1st  Avery Escaravage 
5th Grade 
1st Carter Hey 
2nd James Baio, Silas Machulski 
3rd  Erona Krasniqi 
8th Grade 
1st    Olivia Santangelo, Hayley Larson 
2nd   Alexandra Hazelton, Cassidy Greene 
7th Grade 
1st    Alexander Pelillo, Logan Pelillo 
2nd   Camryn Menton, Lillian White 
3rd  Melania Borovyk, Ellianna Taylor, Arya Bates 
6th Grade 
1st   Kayla Ramos 
2nd  Nalani, Franky, Victoria Miro 
5th Grade 
1st  Nora Brenner 
2nd Joseph Goldberg 
3rd  Michael Cole 
7th Grade 
1st  Calvin Stockfield, Ryan Mariluz 
6th Grade 
1st Alexandra Baret 
2nd Lyndsey Cargain, Emily Nerys 
3rd  Ben Armaza, Brayden Cooke, Theodore Guzzo 
5th Grade 
1st  Mia O'Brien, Angela Mazinski 
2nd Braylee Platania 
3rd  Vanessa Carinci, Ana Guallapa