Fourth graders spread inspiration at Kent Elementary School

The fourth graders at Kent Elementary School know there is nothing like a few words of encouragement to brighten a day. 

“If someone’s sad, we want to make them feel better,” one fourth grader said. 

With the help of the fourth-grade teachers -- Cathleen Rossetti, Chris Livulpi and Nancy Faccilonga -- the students wrote inspiring words on rocks the  y had painted. Soon the rocks were covered with positive phrases like “Don’t give up,” “you are golden,” “Make today a great day” and “You can do this!”  

It is part of the fourth grade Days of Caring project.    4th grade students at KES painting rocks

“This started with Giving Tuesday, a once-a-year event after Thanksgiving where we collected food for Putnam CAP,” Rossetti said. “The fourth graders were so excited by that, we decided to do something once a month where they can give back to the school community or the larger community.”   

After the rocks are finished, they will be placed around the front flower bed at Kent Elementary School and around the school garden in the back so that a child who is having a bad day might see them.  

Writing on rocks, with their lumps and bumps, was not always the smoothest task.  

“I’m glad I have a big rock,” Dylan said. “That’s going to make writing on it easier.”