Native American Art at Kent Primary School

In the days leading up to Thanksgiving, Kent Primary School art teacher Sarah Bell had her students work on projects inspired by Native American arts and crafts. Her fourth graders made beautiful sand paintings and her third grade students created beaded bracelets inspired by wampum belts.  It was all part of Native American Heritage Month. 

"Wampum belts were gifted from one tribe to another to represent a treaty between two nations," Ms. Bell said. "It's a nice Thanksgiving message about working together.”  Third graders add beads to wampum bracelets 

The students in Alison Spunt and Julie Ann Burton's third grade class helped each other out with the beading when they came to the art class. Beading on a small string loom was not easy.  

“I’m also working on improving the students’ manual dexterity,” Ms. Bell said. “This requires a lot of dexterity." 

Third-grader Benjamin didn’t mind.  

"This is difficult, but I think I'm getting the hang of it," he said.