Local Meteorologist Forecasts Fun for Elementary Weather Assembly

Appearing in front of a green screen via Zoom, local broadcast meteorologist John Marshall gave the students of Matthew Paterson Elementary a lesson in weather and passion!

Students view an image of a hurricane during a weather presentation

The assembly, sponsored by the Matthew Paterson PTO, is one that Marshall typically does in-person at schools around the area. Marshall participated in several virtual sessions over the course of three days in order to meet with all the classes, cohorts and remote-only students at MPES. He assured the students that despite the change from in-person to virtual, the assembly would still be one to remember.

“We are still going to have the same amount of fun, and we are going to learn a lot about weather!” Marshall told the students when he began.

During his time with the students, Marshall provided an overview of the different types of weather using the screen to illustrate with graphics and videos. He even used the opportunity to teach students what a green screen was and how it worked. It was all giggles as Marshall explained why it’s important not to wear green when in front of the screen, and he used a green sheet to hide his body so he appeared as just a talking head!

Students had the opportunity to ask Marshall weather-related questions like: How big is a snowflake? What is hail? What causes thunder?

Marshall even used his time talking about snow to address the important topic of why you shouldn’t eat snow. Hint: It’s not very clean!

One message that Marshall wove throughout his time with the students was about finding your passion. He noted that his passion for weather started at a young age, the same age that some of the students watching the assembly are now.

“When I was in fourth grade, I found my passion. You can find it when you are in school,” said Marshall. “Whether in second grade, fourth grade, tenth grade or college, find that thing that you love, and you will be happy!"