Passport Day Takes Third Graders Around the World

Third graders at Matthew Patterson Elementary School traveled around the world on Passport Day.   

“I loved passport day this year,” said Damian, a third grader in Catherine DeToma’s class. “One of the things I liked was that our parents came. Another thing I liked was that it was so fun making my diorama. Also, it was so fun traveling from country to country.”  

Parents, teachers and community members crowded into the hallways and classrooms that were decorated with flags from around the world.   

“Passport Day is a day dedicated to celebrating cultural diversity and global awareness through the lens of different continents,” said third-grade teacher Michelle Belasco. “Each third-grade class immerses themselves in the study of a specific continent, researching countries, landmarks, and cultural aspects. The culmination of their efforts is showcased through dioramas and presentations, allowing students to share their newfound knowledge with families and caregivers.”    

Mrs. Belasco's class studied the African Continent as Mrs. Belasco's Passport Day Reflection shows.  Gina Boalt's third grade class studied Europe, while Catherine DeToma's third-grade class went down under to learn about Australia.  Mrs. Greenberg's class toured the continent of South America while Mrs. Love’s class led the students on a journey through the continent of Asia. 

“By dressing up in clothing representing their continent and singing songs, the students further immerse themselves in the cultural experience, bringing their studies to life,” said the third-grade teachers. “The collaborative effort of the third-grade staff, families, and caregivers highlights the importance of community involvement in education and creating memorable learning experiences for students. Overall, Passport Day seems like a wonderful opportunity for children to explore the world around them and celebrate diversity.”  

Livia, a student in Ms. DeToma’s class said her project on Australia was a lot of work – but worth it.  

“It was not easy," she said. “It was a very tiring day. I was more sleepy than a koala.”