Parents & Community - eFlyer Guidelines

Approval Guidelines for Flyer Distribution

All approved flyers will be available electronically through Peachjar eflyers. With few exceptions, paper flyers will no longer be distributed to students in our schools.

Instead, approved flyers will be delivered directly to parents by email and posted on our website through the link.

General Guidelines for Flyer Approval

  • All flyers for external organizations are approved through the district office via Peachjar
  • All flyers for schools and parent groups are approved through the school principal’s office
  • Material must not advocate a religious or a political viewpoint
  • All for-profit vendors will not be approved for distribution of their products/services.
  • Fundraising activities will be referred to our parent groups (PTO’s, PTA, Parents

Flyer approval does not constitute endorsement. Approval simply means the material has been reviewed and meets the guidelines for district-wide electronic distribution. The district reserves the right to rescind approval to any organization or person if a complaint is received or the organization or person is found to be in violation of instructions from the district.

Obtaining Approval: Outside Organizations

Peachjar manages eflyer distribution on behalf of our schools using the latest electronic communication technology. Once your flyer is posted to a school’s site, parents can view your flyer through the logo on the school website. Additionally, your flyer will be delivered to all parents’ emails as an embedded image, not a link. This means parents will immediately see your flyer and be able to click through to your website to sign up.

Peachjar charges a fee for this service that is typically less than the cost to copy and deliver flyers to each school.

To post a flyer, register at and select your desired school(s). Your flyer is then automatically submitted to the district for approval. Once approved, your flyer will be delivered to all parents and posted online. For more information visit Peachjar at